Projet Symbiote 1.0 de Tomas (from Hungary)

Box's size: 15x15x30 (cm)
Type of light: 10mm 5chip 255.000 mcd 100mA superlight LED (20 pieces) and 12 ohm resistances for each LED for protecting.
Screen used: Elta 2003 N. Size: 1,8" 61.600 dots
Optical materials used: Zeiss Ikon Talon 1:2,8/85 diaprojector lens, mini page magnifier lens (minifresnel)
Materials of the Box: Wood
Connector type: RCA
Power supply: ATX Computer power supply
Cooling: 1 CPU fan
Total cost of the project: ca 60 Euros
Spent time: ca 1 month because delivering times of integrends from the internet.
Distance of projection: 140 cm (for best image quality) it can be farer.
Image's size: 59 cm x 44 cm (for best image quality) it can be bigger.

This is the pocketTV with the 1,8" screen fom Elta that i used.

This is the "minifresnel" i used. A magnifing Bookmark. Just excellent for a 1,8" screen.

20 pieces of the high power LED-s, with the 12 ohm resistances.

Testing of the LED light element. ( I used two sunglasses :D )

This is the illuminating side of the box.

This is the projecting side of the box.

Box frontside.

Box backside.

This is my projected Lt. Frank Drebin, that i projected on the wall.

A more colorfull snapshot. (Sorry, my digicam is not working fine in the dark. In the real life looks the projected image a bit better.)

Finished Box frontside.

Finished Box Backside.

Vidéoprojecteur bien réalisé. Un bon résultat d'ensemble.
Reste à travailler sur l'écran de projection.

Bravo et merci pour le dossier.