Projet Snowball

Taille en cm [Box's size]: 20cn x 34cn x 11cn
Type d'éclairage (HQI, Halogène ...) [Type of light (HQI, Halogen…)]: 30W LED
Ecran utilisé (Marque, Modèle, Taille) [Screen used (Mark, Model, Size]: 3.5" 640x480
Materiel optique utilisé [Optical material used (lens)]:Proxima 8400 LCD projector lens.
Matériaux principal de la Box (bois, alu, pvc ...) [Materials the main thing of Box (wood, aluminum, PVC…)]: Wood and plywood
Connectique de la Box (VGA/RCA/TV/...) [Connector industry of Box (VGA/RCA/TV/…)]: VGA, Multimedia player USB

Coût total du projet [Total cost of the project]: 50 Pounds
Distance de projection [Outdistance projection]: 3.5M
Taille de l'image projetée [Image's size]: 2M diagonal

The 30W High Power LED

The 3.5" 640x480 screen

Marking the OHP fresnel lens

The fresnel lens already cut

Drilling the heatsink where the LED will be fitted

The condensor lens

A provisional box

Marking everything

The position of everything

The making of the top of the box

A view of the interior of the case

The sound system

Getting the box ready for painting

Painting the box 1

Painting the box 2

Finish projector, DVD to see the size of it

More views of the projector

The result projection

The projector working

Step by step of how to do it is avalible at:
How to make this is avalible on video at:
Video at:

Un grand bravo, bon travail, belles finitions.
Beau résutat de projection
Merci pour le dossier.